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Industrial ENGINEERING solutions, productivity improvement make things better in any industry — from apparel manufacturing and steel, to rubber paper, and education. The Apex Institute of Management services, founded in 2013, helps its students & clients improve complex organizations around the world and across industries. Throughout their careers, students turn to Apex institute of management services for tools and connections that provide an integrated and systemic perspective to business challenges. Solving complex problems is our common objective.

Apex institute of management services the Srilanka one of Occupational course provider in work study/ Industrial Engineering, Merchandizing, Quality Management & Garment costing. that provides leadership for the application, education, training, and development of industrial Engineering & Quality management.

Industry worldwide constantly strives to improve productivity and quality. In the UK, the Institute of Management Services is the main body which:

  • Improve productivity and quality in large & medium scale manufacturing organizations
  • Promotes the development of ways of improving productivity and quality
  • Provides Diploma & certificate level Training programs in Work study – Industrial Engineering , Merchandizing & Quality Management.
  • Provides a medium for professionals to share knowledge
  • The leading provider of cutting-edge continuing education in Work study, Quality Management & Merchandizing.
  • The acknowledged source of productivity improvement information via the Internet, publications, and live events, including an annual conference, topical conferences, and technical seminars.
  • An invaluable source of member benefits that include a magazine, professional development programs, an online career center, networking communities, chapters, and affinity programs that save members time and money.


To provide knowledge, training, networking opportunities and recognition to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the work study & industrial engineering profession and those individuals involved with improving quality and productivity.


To be the premier organization that advances, promotes and unites the industrial engineering profession island wide.

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