About Us

AIMS is operated by professionals from Akkaraipattu. The school has been established to offer quality education based on the national curriculum implemented by the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka, preparing the students to succeed in General Certificate Examination in Ordinary level and Advance level in English medium. AIMS offers pre and primary education, GCE O/L and GCE A/L (Commerce and Technical Streams) with the help of the state of the art educational tools.

AIMS, through its quality education, determines to produce competent, responsible and well-balanced citizen who could cope with the future challenges in the technologically evolving world.

Our Stakeholders (Directors, Council members and Advisors) are nationally and internationally qualified professionals and have vast experience and expertise in their respective professional roles at higher positions overseas. It has long been a dream of our stakeholders to provide quality education to our children that could yield professionals who could add values to their personal and community lives.

Facilities at AIMS are well planned with professionally designed classrooms, library, IT lab, conference hall, prayer room and play courts etc.

AIMS also strives to inculcate good ethics and behaviour in our students through teaching moral values throughout their academic years.

The NEED!!!

We are not rich with cash resources; we can become rich by acquiring knowledge. Education is The Key To Success in our life. Local and international employment opportunities are one of the main elements of our regional income. We are committed to grow and grab job opportunities in the challenging corporate world. Professional English medium education is the need of the day! AIMS targets to bridge the gap in the language barrier and improve the know-how of our children to face the challenges.