What we do

  • Academics and Curriculum
  • Syllabus, Books and Exam Papers
  • Other Extra Curricular Activities

Academics and Curriculum

Our academic programmes cover the local curriculum implemented by Ministry of Education of Srilanka and we prepare the candidates to succeed in the General Certificate of Education (GCE) ordinary and advance level examination. Our school functions with below grades.

  • Pre School Nursery and KG I & II          
  • Primary – Grade 1 – 5                                     
  • Secondary – Junior Grade 6 – 9                  
  • Secondary – Senior Grade 10 – 11                         G.C.E O/L
  • Secondary – Collegiate Grade 12 – 13                   G.C.E A/L
  • Specialized accounting degree /professional accountant entry program is designed for AL commerce students.

Syllabus, Books and Exam papers

We follow the syllabus implemented by The Ministry of Education of Srilanka.

The students need to buy the text books from the school and term exams will be conducted to assess the performance  of the students and continuous assessment is done and reported to management and parents.

Key Links

Syllabus , Books and Exam papers

All syllabus , books and exam papers can be downloaded from below links

Other Extra Curricular activities

Our extracurricular activities includes sports and aesthetic activities, competitions, leadership training, English club and societies.