G.C.E A/L Grade 12: 13 (17 to 18 Yrs )

G.C.E A/L Grade 12: 13 (17 to 18 Yrs ) 

This group is in the Second assessment stage and is prepared to receive state assessment and evaluation from the Examination Department of Srilanka. This stage starts after the completion of GCE Ordinary Level exams.

The learning will be aimed at developing the basic competencies with learned to learn national curriculum approach.

The candidates are expected to study for 2 years at the collegiate level before taking the examination. The examination diversifies over 4 major fields of study,

Physical Science stream (Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)

Biological Science stream (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Commerce stream (Accounting, Business Studies and Economics)

Arts stream (Economics, Information Technology and Islam)

Candidates are expected to face 3 subjects related to the specific stream in each stream. Additionally, there would be a General English test and a Common General test. Although the result of the General English test is not taken into account for the University Entrance selection criteria, candidates are expected to obtain a passing mark for the Common General test.